Inagaki is a Japanese street/contemporary artist based in London.
Born in a prefecture near Tokyo, he belongs to Generation Z and
was heavily influenced by the homogenization of culture in the
super-information society, which both he and his work represent.

During his teenage years, he immersed himself in graffiti culture
as a means of self-discovery. However, he soon realized that his
true passion lay in creative expression rather than acts of vandalism.
Consequently, he embarked on a career as a self-taught street/
contemporary artist, shaping his artistic practice. "Even graffiti
was not my place."

The figures in his work predominantly don black attire and exist within
a minimalist palette of off-white. His Japanese cultural upbringing is
intentionally concealed, highlighting the theme of disassociation and
fade from culture and the disappearance of affiliations.

Through his work, Inagaki endeavors to capture the essence of contemporary
life, portraying over-edited and distorted spaces alongside the individuals
who inhabit them. He explores how thedigital native generation navigates
the challenges posed by the information society.